Lemon Wedge Design

We are an owner-run company with our Managing Director doubling up as our head developer.

José Jardim, takes personal pride in bringing each client the best experience with Lemon Wedge Design. José is a dynamic team leader, also having qualifications from CTU and the University of Cape Town.

With his friendly demeanour and positive outlook on even the most challenging tasks, he is just the man to take your brand to the next level.

Being a small business ourselves we understand the frustration of having to do it yourself. We are here to help you gain business in any form we can. From custom Facebook ads to a full shiny new website and every task in between.

Usually with web based work comes exhorbitant price tags. We feel that every business, no matter the size, will benefit from a solid online presence.

We work in terms that suit you and your budget. Want to have a payment plan? We  can facilitate that.

By collaborating with local printers, copywriters and people of other crafts and skills, we strive to uplift our community and create more work with more opportunities for them.